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3.2.1 Quote Me

Heartily thanks to a dear friend, Alien Poet, who nominated for the 3.2.1 Quote me game!

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Sending you cute smile

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.

– Anthony J. D’Angelo


The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.

– Thomas Paine


My nominees are:

  1. Reveuse
  2. Penfila
  3. Kurian

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Congrats to the nominees!

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The Last Ride: Evil is King

He marched, worried and unsure towards his baneful destiny, his horse neighing noisily. Suddenly, the sky obfuscates and the dragoon looks up, his hands risen as if to protect himself. The lunar disc is gradually monopolising the sun. There are looks of consternation and the action dissipates in the run. The king halts his ride to take a close look at the phenomena. He does not understand anything. He says, in the wave of uncertainty that took his army:

“It is a divine indignation! Apollo is angry. All clashes of swords be ceased! Woe on us, poor men!”

The king does not add anything more except his perplexed look. The eclipse lasts over several minutes before starting to recede. The divine star again shines brightly but it will not bring joy instead an ominous ending to a conflict which opposes adverse forces well above what can be seen. The king who had stopped his ride runs again, wishing that the eclipse knew no end, but this conflict will stop only when the blood of one of the  monarchs will be spilled. The king gallops speedily to enter the battlefield already ravaged by the countless deaths harbouring it. His magnanimous heart contradicts this tragic end of his loyal soldiers who are fighting in the hope of a guaranteed peace and a brighter future for upcoming generations. They believed unquestioningly the words of an individual himself torn in the inside which jeopardises the unmovable roots of his beliefs. He forwards with stature and confidence in the mass of warriors but he is doubtful to whether this will end happily. No war has a worthy end and this one is far from being an exception to the rule. The men of the king advance like wild, fierce and invincible dogs on their enemies. The king rushes headlong, his sword drawn like a sceptre risen to announce the final judgement. His opponent, the king of the other side is galloping in his direction fuelled by the desire to kill him. In an ultimate confrontation echoes the shrill clashes of the swords lost amidst those who still stands. In this remote place from the two kingdoms, two kings are relentlessly fighting, one for glory and conquest, and the other for peace and future. Each king is trying to excel the attacks they are inflicting to each other to take advantage. The hits are fed with the animosity of the sovereigns and under the strike of fatigue after a long struggle, the enemy king dealt a fatal blow by piercing through the sturdy armour of the generous king. The sword of the enemy king is stained with blood dispersed to quench the thirst of revenge of this victorious opponent against principles which unfortunately did not survive. It is a raging defeat for the other side, while the conquerors shout while repeating:

“Glory to our grand victory.”

The good king, afflicted by the lethal sword of wickedness, die falling on the ground, literally biting the dust. The soldiers taken aback and disillusioned by their almost unshakeable faith will bear the burden of a new rule on their back; a king greedy of power who looks for the unquestionable servility of a dominated nation. Witness to the events – Hypocrite History! Its pages makes a wish:

“We only desire one thing. Fill us but fill our blank lines only with the name of the illustrious and victorious ruler whose reign was prosperous.”

History adorns itself only with glorious banners who were once honoured in war. The pages containing the history of a noble king took the same dust in which he died whereas the pages revealing the cantankerous king are eulogised, similar to a hymn which stands against the passage of time. Thus, we wonder, what is the place of good in our world? Can we still hope for an ounce of humanity? History was unjust towards the good king but more towards his fellow people, however, this is the unchanged rite of the world. The praises of the victorious shall be sang while the defeated shall be forgotten in the annals. So was the end of the good king!

Short Story by: Lyram Dinsmore

Originally written in French

Original title – La Dernière Chevauchée: Le Mal Règne en Maître

I personally realised the translation in English of the short story. The orginal french version is available on The Writer’s Destiny. For those wishing to consult the work in French, please visit my French blog!

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The Writer’s Destiny

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Meet the Writers – Episode One

Hello friends,

Guys, since long, I have posted articles on major authors of the past that significantly influenced literature but today is the onset of something special. Myself, Foolchund Saahil, will be your host in this new adventure. I proudly announce a segment reserved for writers, whether amateurs or experts, whether for profession or hobby, where you will be able to know more about the writers whose works I have so far loved, appreciated and more importantly has kept me agape with their unique style and artistic prowess. Like I say in French, la parole aux auteurs.

I know, many would ask me why?

You know, if you take it from the writing perspective, it would sound stupid but we also forget that writers are also passionate readers who also love other works. Don’t forget that even we have been influenced by major writing figures either to start writing or influenced by their thoughts in our own writing. For many, major literary figures stand as source of inspiration. So, I thought, why not, pay a tribute to the authors I love in this blogosphere by letting them speak freely and convey their thoughts to you, our esteemed followers and readers, through my questions. Thank you(I will tire to say this!!) for appreciating my works till now. I hope this new segment will aid writers of different horizons to connect with more ease with like-minded people, with a profound love and interest for the fantastic world of literature that we all share. For time being, I rest my words and let the writer of the day express herself!

I have decided to open the festivities with a wonderful blogger and writer of Korean origins living in the United States. Please welcome Miss Judy Eun Kyung Kim:

  • So, Judy, please enlighten the blogging community more about yourself as a person and as a writer.

I’m a first generation immigrant, I was born in South Korea and moved to the USA when I was three years old. I grew up on the East Coast in Maryland and I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area in Oakland, California. I’ve been writing since I was a child, I kept a journal at age eight and continued journaling and writing poetry throughout my life. I was a precocious child who was constantly reading books; books were like friends to me. I could relate so well to the characters in the stories I loved and literature helped me to mentally escape my unhappy childhood. My parents were good, hardworking immigrants that experienced racism and discrimination in the USA. They both lived through the trauma of the Korean War as children. The extreme hardships they survived shaped their lives and the lives of their children. I’ve witnessed years of domestic violence in my home because of those inherited experiences, the after effects of war. The tragedies of our collective past, inspired my choice to be a writer and an artist.

  • Your blog is really impressive. What does writing signifies for you? How did the idea of blogging emerge and whether you aim to be published?

Thank you! I think blogging is about directly connecting your writing with a worldwide online community without censorship. I really appreciate your support of my blog. It helps me to know that you see value in what I’m wishing to share. Writing can be an isolating art form. Often writers are sensitive introverts, encouragement by empathetic fellow writers and readers helps in a significant way. The intention of my writing is to share authentic information that educates, supports survivors of trauma and provides acknowledgment of silenced truth. The idea of blogging came to me after I published a short, true story entitled, “Running Away” in a memoir anthology called, “A Wiggle and a Prayer” in 2017 (by the Berkeley Public Library writers workshop). Being published fulfilled a life long dream and it inspired me to keep sharing my stories and perspectives about being an Asian American minority in America. In the future I’d also like to publish a memoir about my family’s experiences during war-time in South Korea and insightful stories about living in the US.

  • I have seen that you have written a lot about the representation, adaptation and acceptance of Asian minorities in the American culture. How does this theme connect to you and tell us the current situation in America? Do you really think that your writing could help make the difference in people’s mentality?

I chose to focus on writing about the Asian American experience because it has shaped who I am and who I am still becoming. Asians have been called the “model minority” but I think we’re a nearly invisible group (politically) in North America. When issues of racism are raised, the struggle between “black, white and brown” are emphasized, Asians aren’t included in the discussion even though they have been discriminated against for generations by various racial groups, (excluded even within other Asian ethnicities). I don’t want to encourage division among races or ethnic groups, but I want to promote inter-communication and mutual learning. There’s a famous advice for writers to “write what you know”. I agree with that concept (of writing from direct experience), but many, (especially famous) writers write (from the perspective of and about cultures that are not their own). They rely on research exclusively to propel their “borrowed” stories. I find their writing to be inauthentic because they don’t innately understand the culture. There’s no heart in their portrayals, (they often get the facts wrong), and so the writing ultimately encourages more stereotypes and misinformation. I think it’s a type of theft to write with “authority” about a culture that isn’t theirs to claim. Since everyone has their own unique story to tell, no one should benefit from writing about a foreign culture’s experience for mere fame, money or acclaim. I often wonder why Asians are still expected to remain silent and uncomplaining about being disempowered and why more of us artists and activists aren’t fighting the misinformation. I’d like to think that my tiny but authentic voice, could make an incremental difference in understanding what it’s like to be a minority immigrant who has fought with self-identity, assimilation and the lifelong quest to belong in North American society as an equal citizen.

  • You have composed some beautiful Haikus. Please tell us whether this particular poetic form hold any symbolic significance to you and why?

Thank you. I tend to write prose poems that are stylistically simple and subtle. I love and am influenced by simplistic but deep writing. My favourite poets are Richard Brautigan and e e Cummings because their writing is unpretentious and easily understood by everyone; their poems are not just for academics or intellectuals. My writing is for down-to-earth people, not professors or literary critics. I actually dislike writing that references obscure or intellectual metaphors because they’re exclusionary, as if you have to be a college graduate to understand their meaning. I resonate with the working class people of the world, not the elitist ruling class. Lately I’ve been writing haikus because I like the short, succinct format. There’s less pressure to write three lines of verse instead of an entire page or more; but it does have its limits for the same reason. Haikus are like an appetizer, not the main course meal, (in my opinion), they provide a preliminary taste of an idea, that a longer poem could express more completely.

Miss Judy Eun Kyung Kim in Meet the Writers

So, this was the very touching and memorable intervention of Miss Judy Eun Kyung Kim, a writer engaged in her cause. Through her magnificent words, readers trace the sensibility of a person present to defend against all odds her ideals. You make me remember Victor Hugo and his relentless fight for France working class people whose voice was long ignored by the governing powers in the 19th century. Only advice; Be brave against all adversity and my dear, don’t forget, you have our love, good wishes and unflinching support. Friends, this was the laudable interview of a great artist and more importantly a poetic voice who rises against injustices and discrimination!

You want to support the writer of the day, Judy – Please follow, like and comment her posts on her blog by clicking on the link:

Seoul Sister

Moreover, you can also react to this interview by asking your questions to Judy, if any, in the comments section. It will be a pleasure for her to attend to your queries. I will not intervene except if I find it necessary!

What can I add more to the already dazzling beauty of the words of Judy?

A profound story of a commendable individual who kept strong in her difficult times and found writing a remedy to the wounds of the past.

Foolchund Saahil

Please continue to follow Young Writers and Poets to know more about the bloggers who are around you with their stories and point of views!! If you want to feature in an interview, do not hesitate to send me a mail on or fill in the contact form at your disposition!

Waiting for your responses and other great and enthralling stories, till then, see you next time with another literary voice of this blogging platform!

Short Reflection for the Day

Quote on love

Romantic affiliation

It is undoubtedly difficult to construct an everlasting romantic relationship, the ones that we judge to belong only to romantic movies. We cannot expect love to be a perfect feeling being influenced by the the way movies portray love stories. Love is an important feeling but feelings are subjective and hence are flawed. So, how can we expect love to be perfect?But remember that in contemporary times (and this is a sociological analysis), relationships are built to fulfil of course the carnal desire of togetherness but also romantic love, where each partner expects unconditional love from each other. Thus, such relations are, as opposed to the past where other reasons would act as pillars to retain marital ties, only mortgage to the romantic feelings. Consequently, if one or both partner(s) ‘fall(s) out of love’, the relationship is forcibly doomed to fail. Relationships are also dependant on the expectations of each partner and if they are not met, the couples simply put an end to the relation. As a writer, I feel that the ‘expectations standards’ may vary. For instance; a woman may search in her male partner traits like fidelity, trust, communication and attention which is not really available at every corner of the street. High expectations may also cause breakdown of the romantic relationship. If you really love someone, sometimes you have to change certain bad habits and adapt to certain flaws as we are all individuals having different personalities. But, if we tried to make love become a perfect feeling, it would shed all its natural nuances of beauty. The beauty of the relationship lies in accepting the thorns with the rose!

So, what are your views on this? Post your comments and share your opinions with the blogosphere. There’s a new thing coming around on Young Writers and Poets. Stay connected to know more!

Written by: Foolchund Saahil


Fragments of the Self

The strings of fate that                                                

were tied, I have opened them.        

Now, I am off to live my life.                       

I will break the cage and fly away,             

I will open my arms and fly away.


A debt that was lying in my chest

has been lifted with ease.

Paradise awaits me and beckons me

with open arms.


The waves of desires are flowing in my heart,

leaving those old roads aside,

I am moving on to other paths.

Break the shackles and fly away…

Spread your wings and fly away.


Meditation and pearls of laughter

Listen to the winds dancing around the edges of the window pane,

listen to the waves hushing silently,

serenading the saffron sky.

Listen to the hymns created by pearls of laughter,

listen to the lively concert from the heart,

feel the tickling sensation, and

watch how it spreads pixie dust everywhere.

Listen to the ocean of possibilities awaiting you.

Listen to the melody of your heart,

conquer the apprehensions of the in-between, and

un-sync the symphony of life.