Meet the Writers – Episode Four

Welcome back for another edition of Meet the Writers. Never have I imagined that I would reach my fourth writer in such a short span of time. I started the adventure in May and here I am with our firth voice of this blogging platform. This time, I have come across a very authentic writer penning beautiful short stories. So, we welcome on-board for a fifth episode:

Ruchita Sawant

Our writer of the day hails from India and through her writings, we feel the closeness of a writer with her characters and their feelings, almost like a part of herself in them. Let’s hear what she has to say:

  • Hello Ruchita. I’m much pleased that you could take out some time to answer my questions. I went through your blog and I must say that it was again unusual. It opened on your own life very clearly. So, I would like you to tell us more of you as a writer and individual.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I think when I write I try to portray something which everyone can relate to and also things which I would like to see in my partner, friends or family. Probably that’s the reason one can see my closeness with my characters.

  • I mostly saw short stories written in parts and as I said in my first question which revealed your own life experiences very explicitly, like in a form of an online diary. Why are the first short stories based on you? Was it experimental?

The very first story is my own story. I had to take break from work due to my health issues, just lying on bed was so boring and I always wanted to try writing a blog so I decided to write. You are absolutely correct this was at the first like an online diary but after the first story I thought why not to try cooking some stories with my own observations.

  • Your stories are interspersed with some good advice and messages. In brief, please tell our readers, what advice would give them concerning love and construction of durable relationship?

I am no one to give advice however for me this is very important – Love, Respect for each other and No lies in any relationship ever because trust any relationship is based on trust.

  • You have quite an affinity with the theme of love regularly exploited in your stories, whether between two friends, strangers or parent-children. What conception of this theme do you want to bring to the light? Do you feel that better relationship ideals need to be sought for better living in Indian society?

Absolutely. Our society today needs to move towards the equality then may it be in gender, status or anything. Also I feel a parent-child relationship needs to be like this because this gives a child to open up in front of parents without fear and this would help them to overcome any situation.

  • The latest short story speaks of the relationship of Manoj and Anvi. These two are quite lovebirds but we can also witness the profound love and respect that rise from their link; a true love story as Romeo and Juliet. However, though I found it touching and loving, the romantic spice did not really work at its best. What I found lacking was perhaps the moves they could play on like a light kiss or holding hands. Overall, it was great to read and enjoyable. Without wanting to influence the choice of the readers, please tell us more of this short story.

Point taken. I lack on the romantic aspect but would definitely try to work on it and bring it in my upcoming episodes. Actually when I started writing it was my observation on train journey. It’s nostalgic to back to your childhood and from there pick something and then add some of your own thoughts to it. Particularly, with stories, I have two things clear in my mind:

  1. Indian society (Like the equality part)
  2. Parent-Child relationship (Which would help our future generations to speak their fears and discuss with parents freely)
Thank you!!
Ruchita Sawant
Ruchita Sawant in Meet the Writers
So, this was the writer’s of the day interview. Well, when reading her stories, it is very easy to get lost and immerse yourself in the beautiful virtual world she has carefully constructed. We can easily witness her passion and effort she puts in her story-telling. I would like to express my gratitude to Ruchita for having appeared in my interview. It was a pleasure.
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The story she tells seems a whole world in which every reader can relate and appreciate the beauty of it. Every tad of the short stories she writes is a reflection on the possibility of how life can be beautiful if we all try to make the positive changes she comes up with. The writer eventually posits on eventual positive changes around the prevalent Indian norms of living which if transformed according to the utopia she constructs in her stories can help Indian society towards better living.
Foolchund Saahil
I wish her good luck and much wishes to continue her story-telling blog. We will come back for another episode with another beautiful story of a writer. Continue to follow Young Writers and Poets to meet fantastic writers. Special thanks to Flyhiee who brought us the writer of the day.  Find this interview on his site as well. Interested to take part? Please leave a message on my mail – or – to get a chance to be interviewed.
Till we meet the next writer, wish you all a good day ahead and see you soon for another writer and his/her story.

Meet the Writers – Episode Three

And we are back with another voice from the writing community. Once again, I have brought a very unique writer. I feel very privileged to interview yet another writer. Never did I thought when I started this section would I have imagined to encounter such fabulous people from the four corners of the world. With her precious advice on health, lifestyle and unending optimism, I now welcome on-board:

M.S. Arora

The writer of the day hails from India and writes essentially to inform people about innovation in healthy diet patterns and our living habits. She expresses also her concern on environmental issues and displays an optimistic point of view even against depressing problems. Let’s see what she has to say:

  • Hello M.S. Arora. Thank you for taking out the time for answering some questions. I had the opportunity to go through your blog. It is quite a medley of topics you treat in your writing ranging from environment to lifestyle. So, why not enlighten us on you as a writer and as an individual.

First if all I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to express myself as an writer and contributor on your website. I started my blog about one and half year ago. It was the time when due to my illness I was at home. I took leave from my job for few months. Since I have been into teaching for so many years, it was difficult for me to spend time at home. One day my son told me to try blogging as I have always been keen interested in writing. So I started blogging. My experience as a teacher helped me a lot as I was writing scripts for various school programmes. It became easy for me to write and express myself on this platform. As a person, I have always been looking opportunities to learn more in my life. To me, there is no age to learn as it is a never ending process.

  • You often referred to the Godrej Food Trends Report of 2018 on Indian pattern of consumption and quoted snippets of Indian scriptures likewise in your analysis of the eating habits and preferences of the Indian population. Why specifically those sources and not others? Are you confident that people will readily shift from their actual eating style to new modes of healthy consumption? Could you please share here with us some advice you would give to the people all around the world on habits of eating?

So many questions in one question! (smiling)

I would like to give a reply to all.

Yes, I have written few posts based on Godrej Food Trends Report as part of their blogging contest. This report is prepared by well known chefs nutritionists, dietitians of India.

  1. Personally, I feel diet has lot of impacts on our thoughts, feelings and our physical, mental and spiritual health. I have reading articles about food and Ayurveda where it is really important. Moreover, I have observed in my real life also that place, environment and thoughts play a major role while eating food. It is well described in Hindu scriptures too. Moreover, in Christianity also they say grace before eating food. I have found it appropriate to the article, so I have added. it is nothing in particular to Hindu scriptures. I am also planning to read other religious scriptures too.
  2. Yes, sooner or later they have to if they want to cope with today’s stressful life.
  3. I think everyone knows how important the healthy food habits are but we are not ready to accept this fact. We are ignoring this by putting our health at stake. There are many people who are following it and know the kind of positive results they’re getting. So, it’s better not to be late. I really suggest that one should try Buddha bowl as it gives an immense pleasure while eating and secondly, do eat at home with your home with your family in spite of your busy schedule.
  • I read your posts concerning environmental issues. Even if the points you stated in some posts were not new, you would still emphasise on your statistical data, pushing towards reflection on the urgency of the situation in your country. In a post, you even spoke of a new idea to reduce paper wastage. I would like you to tell us what advice would you give to Indian readers out there to safeguard their environment and limit the effects of pollution?

I think we shouldn’t wait for our government or the authorities to take an initiative or make some rules. After all it is about us and our planet. Everyone should be concerned about their own contribution towards environment. I myself have limited the use of plastic bags and have started recycling the plastic bottles and containers at home rather than buying new ones. I strongly believe that only individual efforts by masses can bring a change in the society.

  • Your quotes are filled with unlimited optimism telling people to have good thoughts and energy. How do you manage to keep a ‘positive attitude’ at all costs? What is your secret?

I have no idea but I have experienced a few things in my life and felt that it is only our perspective and how to take the things in life is solely the reason of our happiness and sadness. The glass is half full or half empty is the decision or creation of our mind only.

  • I went through your short stories and Haiku poems. I was quite impressed by how much you proved yourself to be versatile in your writing passion. Some short stories were really heart-wrenching with a very profound human touch. Do you aim to become published? What are your aims behind this type of writing?

I really liked your art of asking questions (laughs) again 2 in 1😊😊 . Hope you don’t mind my way of giving answers. I must appreciate your effort to read my poems and stories. Some of these are inspired by life incidents or my imagination. That is why I say there is something for everyone in my blog and you can feel connected with it.

I have not taken any any step to become a published author yet, but yes may be in future I give a thought to it. I would like to write something that could inspire the lives of people in different ways. Something that prepare and teach the people how to cope with adverse situations in day to day life easily. This are just thoughts in my mind, still there is a long way to go.

Thank you for putting up lots of efforts and inspiring the upcoming writers and bloggers to showcase their talents on you site. Giving them a chance to fly high with the wings of words

MS Arora 💕💕
M.S. Arora in Meet the Writers 

It was again a lovely intervention from M.S. Arora. She is a very enthusiast blogger and passionate about she does. Thanks for M.S. Arora for featuring in my interview. We can see that she is really concerned about the health of people, the environment in which they live and their lifestyle. With her refreshing quotes, you’ll grow a sweet smile on your face, with her short stories, you will learn about the great individual she is and her delicious food tips will definitely make you fall in love with the notion of healthy and well balanced diet.

As far as you literary productions are concerned, I wish you luck if you want to get published. Keep on the good work because it is way too good. Please continue to share with us your unyielding optimism and thoughtful advice.

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Journey of Life Continues

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M.S. Arora has plenty of positive energy which she readily shares with her readers. Whether her quotes, poems, posts on healthy food or environment, her words is a genuine attestation to the fact that she really is concerned by the way things are going and wants to contribute the stepping stone that will help towards a change. It is a wind of revolution which is slowly gaining intensity, so beware because she is going to be a landmark in overturning bad habits of life.

Foolchund Saahil

It was fun time doing this interview. We will be back for another episode, till then please continue to follow the further editions of Meet the Writers on Young Writers and Poets. A special thanks to Flyhiee who is bringing those marvellous voices to us. Find this interview on his site as well. If you are also interested in being interviewed, please drop in a message by mailing me on or send an email to and get a chance to be interviewed.

Till we meet our next writer, I hope we meet soon. Have a nice day ahead.

Meet the Writers – Episode Two

Welcome back again after a very long time, dear followers and readers, for another great voice rising from this blogosphere. I am stupefied in the long run how much this virtual world houses such valuable stories; seeming almost like a great virtual library formed by WordPress. This time, I have come across an altogether different writer from what we are used to. With her unique story, incredible strength, resistance and unaltered determination, I now introduce you to:

Valerie Petry

Our writer of the day hails from Houston, Texas, United States and uses her writing to fight her condition and raise awareness among people about diseases and stress on the importance of a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. I now let her express herself:

  • Hello Valerie. I’m much pleased that you could take out some time to answer some of my questions. The first post I stumbled on while visiting your blog was your health state. I was quite surprised because it was not the kind of posts I usually encounter on blogs. So, could you tell us more of yourself as a person and as a writer.What do you intend to achieve with your writing?

I’m a single mom of two boys aged 16 and 13. I’ve been writing gosh, since I could remember! My mom taught me how to write in manuscript and cursive before I even started grade school. I am the eldest of four daughters and also grew up in a single-parent home, so journal writing became my escape. I’ve been writing ever since. I’ve written many pieces, from children’s books to Erotica Romance.  I started blogging about five years ago on another platform as another way to keep me distracted from the recent storms I’ve found myself travelling. Hopefully, someone out there can either learn from my mistakes and experiences, or become inspired to break themselves free of any trials and struggles they may be going through or encountering.

  • In my biology class, I remember (although it is not clear now) having studied about heart conditions like angina, stroke and thrombosis. I never heard before about Congestive Heart Failure. Could you tell us more about this condition? What advice would you give to people who suffer from the same condition? How did you diagnose the condition?

Angina, stroke, thrombosis are all things that can fall under or lead to Congestive Heart Failure. It involves anything that could potentially cause your heart to become damaged and start performing poorly or not at all. My advice to anyone who has it to LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR! If your diet has to change, CHANGE IT! Take your medicines and when they are supposed to be taken. Once your heart is severely damaged it’s very hard to get it back to where it needs to be. My pacemaker will be in my chest for another ten years or until it needs to be changed to another one. When I found out I had Congestive Heart Failure I had a heart attack. What I thought was a real bad cold keeping me from going to sleep and breathing heavily turned out to be an extreme amount of fluid around my heart and damaged heart walls. The other main symptoms were dyspnea, or shortness of breathe, a swollen stomach, and high blood pressure. One thing I learned is to never attempt to self medicate or “self nurse” yourself back to health; seek medical attention!

  • Upon that, you suffer from other health difficulties like Obstructive Sleep Apnea. How do manage with all that? What health objectives have you fixed to cope with these conditions to prevent further health complications? Are you successfully sticking to them?

I have to sleep with a machine called a CPap machine for the Sleep Apnea. Basically, every night I stop breathing over 200 times from my pallet (the little piece of flesh at the back of the throat) which closes off air flow. This sends the heart into tachycardia, and your brain has a hard time receiving oxygen. I have to wear my mask to my machine anytime my body will be resting. My diet totally changed! I have to watch my sodium intake, I can’t drink more than 1.5L of fluid a day, and I have lots of medication to take as well. Being homeless and having no money makes it really difficult to follow through with all of this, but I utilise my resources best I can. I also have a very loving and helpful family and close friends. They have really helped in taking care of me!

  • In all this, tell us whether your writing helps to ease your health problems? I also saw that you clearly stated your aim to be published so I will not ask the question. Actually the question here would be with what motivation do you aim to get published?

Writing is my PASSION! Just the physical act of it is soothing. Like to be honest I would have preferred to write all of this on paper and place it in an envelope and mail! lol It’s therapeutic, it allows me to express myself without becoming flustered and angry, and it relieves a tremendous amount of stress! My motivation is my BOYS! As a parent I have to set the BEST example I can for my children. I want them to see how important it is to NEVER give up on yourself or your dreams! I want them to understand that you can allow your circumstances to break you, or you can use them to build you and help you grow to be a better person. Of course, I’m also aiming to become published because I am disabled. My doctors have established it’s best for me not to work, or my conditions will get worse. I’ve got to get some type of residual in my life if I’m going to survive!

  • I heard one of your YouTube video called the ‘Valerie Ascending A Sneak Peek’. How does your YouTube channel help to deliver your philosophy of life?

I believe my YouTube channels gives my audience a chance to see my authenticity.  It gives them a chance to get a better connection with me and who I am as a person. I’m going through a lifestyle change, and sometimes it’s hard to put those words and expressions on paper! I also think that not everyone wants to read, so again this is another platform I’m using to get my content out there to the world!


Valerie Petry in Meet the Writers

So, this was our writer of the day interview. Actually, I do not know where to start? First of all, I wholeheartedly thanks Valerie for willing to feature in my interview. There’s so much to say about Valerie. She is a true fighter. Personally, the difficulties faced in her life like her much fragile health serves as reminder to tell us to enjoy good health and how much it is important to preserve it. I cannot fathom how much pain and hurdles you encountered along the way but Valerie, from the whole blogosphere including me, I wish you more strength and strong will to keep up the good job and carry on to shed light to our readers out there on how much it is crucial to prioritise our health and life.

Through her words, we really feel that struggle and the unyielding wish to live and leave a potential legacy for the future generation. It is quite unusual that I come across a writer who has suffered so much but yet uses her experiences in her writing.

My advice to Readers: Do not ignore your health. It is essential. Take breaks when needed and continue with your exercises. Good health is a gift of God which we need to treasure as the gem it is.

If you want to support the writer of the day, follow and visit her blog for nice tips to remain healthy and great poems and short stories:

Valerie Ascending

It was a pleasure carrying out this interview and should you have any questions of your own to address to the author, please leave them in the comments section. It will be a pleasure for her to answer your questions.

The story of Valerie can leave no individual indifferent. It gives a new perspective on life; one which you should live to the fullest. Her story is an inspiration for many and should encourage people from similar conditions not to adopt defeatist attitudes towards life but give it one more chance with a new zeal and healthy approach.

Foolchund Saahil

On this note, I wish her a very good continuation on the way she is threading. Please continue to follow Meet the Writers edition on Young Writers and Poets to know more on the writers and their stories on my blog. Special thanks to Flyhiee who brought to us the writer of the day and do find this interview on his site as well. If you are interested in appearing the interview, please send me a mail on or and get your chance to be interviewed.

Till we meet our next splendid talent, I hope to meet you all very soon. I wish you a nice day ahead.

Meet the Writers – Episode One

Hello friends,

Guys, since long, I have posted articles on major authors of the past that significantly influenced literature but today is the onset of something special. Myself, Foolchund Saahil, will be your host in this new adventure. I proudly announce a segment reserved for writers, whether amateurs or experts, whether for profession or hobby, where you will be able to know more about the writers whose works I have so far loved, appreciated and more importantly has kept me agape with their unique style and artistic prowess. Like I say in French, la parole aux auteurs.

I know, many would ask me why?

You know, if you take it from the writing perspective, it would sound stupid but we also forget that writers are also passionate readers who also love other works. Don’t forget that even we have been influenced by major writing figures either to start writing or influenced by their thoughts in our own writing. For many, major literary figures stand as source of inspiration. So, I thought, why not, pay a tribute to the authors I love in this blogosphere by letting them speak freely and convey their thoughts to you, our esteemed followers and readers, through my questions. Thank you(I will tire to say this!!) for appreciating my works till now. I hope this new segment will aid writers of different horizons to connect with more ease with like-minded people, with a profound love and interest for the fantastic world of literature that we all share. For time being, I rest my words and let the writer of the day express herself!

I have decided to open the festivities with a wonderful blogger and writer of Korean origins living in the United States. Please welcome Miss Judy Eun Kyung Kim:

  • So, Judy, please enlighten the blogging community more about yourself as a person and as a writer.

I’m a first generation immigrant, I was born in South Korea and moved to the USA when I was three years old. I grew up on the East Coast in Maryland and I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area in Oakland, California. I’ve been writing since I was a child, I kept a journal at age eight and continued journaling and writing poetry throughout my life. I was a precocious child who was constantly reading books; books were like friends to me. I could relate so well to the characters in the stories I loved and literature helped me to mentally escape my unhappy childhood. My parents were good, hardworking immigrants that experienced racism and discrimination in the USA. They both lived through the trauma of the Korean War as children. The extreme hardships they survived shaped their lives and the lives of their children. I’ve witnessed years of domestic violence in my home because of those inherited experiences, the after effects of war. The tragedies of our collective past, inspired my choice to be a writer and an artist.

  • Your blog is really impressive. What does writing signifies for you? How did the idea of blogging emerge and whether you aim to be published?

Thank you! I think blogging is about directly connecting your writing with a worldwide online community without censorship. I really appreciate your support of my blog. It helps me to know that you see value in what I’m wishing to share. Writing can be an isolating art form. Often writers are sensitive introverts, encouragement by empathetic fellow writers and readers helps in a significant way. The intention of my writing is to share authentic information that educates, supports survivors of trauma and provides acknowledgment of silenced truth. The idea of blogging came to me after I published a short, true story entitled, “Running Away” in a memoir anthology called, “A Wiggle and a Prayer” in 2017 (by the Berkeley Public Library writers workshop). Being published fulfilled a life long dream and it inspired me to keep sharing my stories and perspectives about being an Asian American minority in America. In the future I’d also like to publish a memoir about my family’s experiences during war-time in South Korea and insightful stories about living in the US.

  • I have seen that you have written a lot about the representation, adaptation and acceptance of Asian minorities in the American culture. How does this theme connect to you and tell us the current situation in America? Do you really think that your writing could help make the difference in people’s mentality?

I chose to focus on writing about the Asian American experience because it has shaped who I am and who I am still becoming. Asians have been called the “model minority” but I think we’re a nearly invisible group (politically) in North America. When issues of racism are raised, the struggle between “black, white and brown” are emphasized, Asians aren’t included in the discussion even though they have been discriminated against for generations by various racial groups, (excluded even within other Asian ethnicities). I don’t want to encourage division among races or ethnic groups, but I want to promote inter-communication and mutual learning. There’s a famous advice for writers to “write what you know”. I agree with that concept (of writing from direct experience), but many, (especially famous) writers write (from the perspective of and about cultures that are not their own). They rely on research exclusively to propel their “borrowed” stories. I find their writing to be inauthentic because they don’t innately understand the culture. There’s no heart in their portrayals, (they often get the facts wrong), and so the writing ultimately encourages more stereotypes and misinformation. I think it’s a type of theft to write with “authority” about a culture that isn’t theirs to claim. Since everyone has their own unique story to tell, no one should benefit from writing about a foreign culture’s experience for mere fame, money or acclaim. I often wonder why Asians are still expected to remain silent and uncomplaining about being disempowered and why more of us artists and activists aren’t fighting the misinformation. I’d like to think that my tiny but authentic voice, could make an incremental difference in understanding what it’s like to be a minority immigrant who has fought with self-identity, assimilation and the lifelong quest to belong in North American society as an equal citizen.

  • You have composed some beautiful Haikus. Please tell us whether this particular poetic form hold any symbolic significance to you and why?

Thank you. I tend to write prose poems that are stylistically simple and subtle. I love and am influenced by simplistic but deep writing. My favourite poets are Richard Brautigan and e e Cummings because their writing is unpretentious and easily understood by everyone; their poems are not just for academics or intellectuals. My writing is for down-to-earth people, not professors or literary critics. I actually dislike writing that references obscure or intellectual metaphors because they’re exclusionary, as if you have to be a college graduate to understand their meaning. I resonate with the working class people of the world, not the elitist ruling class. Lately I’ve been writing haikus because I like the short, succinct format. There’s less pressure to write three lines of verse instead of an entire page or more; but it does have its limits for the same reason. Haikus are like an appetizer, not the main course meal, (in my opinion), they provide a preliminary taste of an idea, that a longer poem could express more completely.

Miss Judy Eun Kyung Kim in Meet the Writers

So, this was the very touching and memorable intervention of Miss Judy Eun Kyung Kim, a writer engaged in her cause. Through her magnificent words, readers trace the sensibility of a person present to defend against all odds her ideals. You make me remember Victor Hugo and his relentless fight for France working class people whose voice was long ignored by the governing powers in the 19th century. Only advice; Be brave against all adversity and my dear, don’t forget, you have our love, good wishes and unflinching support. Friends, this was the laudable interview of a great artist and more importantly a poetic voice who rises against injustices and discrimination!

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Seoul Sister

Moreover, you can also react to this interview by asking your questions to Judy, if any, in the comments section. It will be a pleasure for her to attend to your queries. I will not intervene except if I find it necessary!

What can I add more to the already dazzling beauty of the words of Judy?

A profound story of a commendable individual who kept strong in her difficult times and found writing a remedy to the wounds of the past.

Foolchund Saahil

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Waiting for your responses and other great and enthralling stories, till then, see you next time with another literary voice of this blogging platform!