Young Writers and Poets

Are you an avid reader of books or a passionate and enthusiastic writer?


Have you been searching for a way to express your talent and share your writing to the world?


Are you just beginning to write and require some help and guidance?


You are at the right place!

I have designed this blog to give aspiring young writers the golden opportunity to hone their artistic talents and show their creativity to the wider world. 

It is meant to give a voice to passionate young writers who would otherwise not be heard and read. 

I post clear and illustrated writing tips everyday so that even young people who have not yet started writing can take the plunge.

So don’t write in secret anymore!

Don’t hide your innate gifts to the world!

Never ever hesitate to take the pen!

Contact me and my team by filling in the form at your disposal if you want to know more about our blog or join our team or even share your creative work.

From Rachel and her team

Many many thanks and have a wonderful time on our blog!




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