Young Writers and Poets

To the whole writing community,

Welcome to Young Writers and Poets!


This blog has been created in December 2017 to give bloggers the opportunity to express their overflowing creativity and limitless imagination. It is an opportunity for literary talents to showcase the prowess of their artistic skills.

This virtual platform where a community of people of writers having the same interests join to display their views and the way they treat several themes dealt in literature. The blog is already home to some emerging Mauritian artists. Belonging to a beautiful island nestled somewhere in the midst of the Indian Ocean where artists hone their talents on this very platform to bring the best they have in store for you, beloved followers and readers, in writing:

  • Poetry

  • Short Stories

So, are you an avid reader of books and good online literary works?

If yes, then you are at the right stop to discover good and quality content concerning the field of poetry, quotes and short stories. Our blog houses already a superb collection of amazing stories told in diverse ways that will leave you bewitched. So, don’t wait. Rush to see what’s in the blog and get ready to fall in love with our words.

Are you a beginner in writing or a passionate amateur who wishes to show the world his/her works?

You’ve knocked at the right door. Our blog will be a chance for novel writing figures through our simplified poetry and writing tips to take your first steps with confidence and assurance. Please consult the relevant page on our blog to discover first hand tips to channel you in your writing process.

Do you wish to write but do not know where to begin?

That’s a common problem I’ve observed in writers. Don’t worry, the tips are here for a start. If it’s a beginning you are searching for, then our blog is a possible alternative. If YOU have that writing talent in you, do not waste it! Instead, start writing and give your words a meaningful direction. Help us create a platform where talents can have an equal chance to develop its full potential. Join us and share your ideas and views freely with the blogging community.

What is your current team?

As precised above, surfacing young talents from Mauritius are portraying their energy in creative writing by kindly posting for the pleasure of readers and bloggers their works. Our team is currently composed of:

  • Foolchund Saahil/Lyram Dinsmore

  • Liana

  • Nishi Seesurn

  • Persand Mushiirah

  • Other contributing artists(youngwritersandpoets)

So, what are YOU waiting for?

Live your dream of writing

From the whole team of Young Writers and Poets

It is possibly here that your dream might come true. Don’t wait anymore and grab this golden opportunity!

Bilingual Blog

If you have visited the posts already, you might have noticed the usage of two languages;

  • English

  • French

We are open to writers of both languages. So, if your writing specialises in one of the languages or it extends to both, do not think anymore. Join us and your posts will spread wonders in the blogosphere.

How to contact us?

For further information on the blog and its contents, please fill in the contact form at your disposal. If ever you want to share your works and/or join this growing community, please do not hesitate to contact us by doing the same. Please note that our team will respond to your queries in the shortest delay possible. Explore other methods of joining us on the contact page.

Should you have any ideas, suggestions, reviews for our artists’s works or the blog in general, please leave your comments in the Review Page of the blog. We will happily take a look and respond to them. Gain more information by consulting the Page.


Wishing you a very good blogging experience,

Team of Young Writers and Poets


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