Meet the Writers – Episode Four

Welcome back for another edition of Meet the Writers. Never have I imagined that I would reach my fourth writer in such a short span of time. I started the adventure in May and here I am with our firth voice of this blogging platform. This time, I have come across a very authentic writer penning beautiful short stories. So, we welcome on-board for a fifth episode:

Ruchita Sawant

Our writer of the day hails from India and through her writings, we feel the closeness of a writer with her characters and their feelings, almost like a part of herself in them. Let’s hear what she has to say:

  • Hello Ruchita. I’m much pleased that you could take out some time to answer my questions. I went through your blog and I must say that it was again unusual. It opened on your own life very clearly. So, I would like you to tell us more of you as a writer and individual.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I think when I write I try to portray something which everyone can relate to and also things which I would like to see in my partner, friends or family. Probably that’s the reason one can see my closeness with my characters.

  • I mostly saw short stories written in parts and as I said in my first question which revealed your own life experiences very explicitly, like in a form of an online diary. Why are the first short stories based on you? Was it experimental?

The very first story is my own story. I had to take break from work due to my health issues, just lying on bed was so boring and I always wanted to try writing a blog so I decided to write. You are absolutely correct this was at the first like an online diary but after the first story I thought why not to try cooking some stories with my own observations.

  • Your stories are interspersed with some good advice and messages. In brief, please tell our readers, what advice would give them concerning love and construction of durable relationship?

I am no one to give advice however for me this is very important – Love, Respect for each other and No lies in any relationship ever because trust any relationship is based on trust.

  • You have quite an affinity with the theme of love regularly exploited in your stories, whether between two friends, strangers or parent-children. What conception of this theme do you want to bring to the light? Do you feel that better relationship ideals need to be sought for better living in Indian society?

Absolutely. Our society today needs to move towards the equality then may it be in gender, status or anything. Also I feel a parent-child relationship needs to be like this because this gives a child to open up in front of parents without fear and this would help them to overcome any situation.

  • The latest short story speaks of the relationship of Manoj and Anvi. These two are quite lovebirds but we can also witness the profound love and respect that rise from their link; a true love story as Romeo and Juliet. However, though I found it touching and loving, the romantic spice did not really work at its best. What I found lacking was perhaps the moves they could play on like a light kiss or holding hands. Overall, it was great to read and enjoyable. Without wanting to influence the choice of the readers, please tell us more of this short story.

Point taken. I lack on the romantic aspect but would definitely try to work on it and bring it in my upcoming episodes. Actually when I started writing it was my observation on train journey. It’s nostalgic to back to your childhood and from there pick something and then add some of your own thoughts to it. Particularly, with stories, I have two things clear in my mind:

  1. Indian society (Like the equality part)
  2. Parent-Child relationship (Which would help our future generations to speak their fears and discuss with parents freely)
Thank you!!
Ruchita Sawant
Ruchita Sawant in Meet the Writers
So, this was the writer’s of the day interview. Well, when reading her stories, it is very easy to get lost and immerse yourself in the beautiful virtual world she has carefully constructed. We can easily witness her passion and effort she puts in her story-telling. I would like to express my gratitude to Ruchita for having appeared in my interview. It was a pleasure.
Want to follow and explore the writer of the day? Click on the link below to access her blog:
A great interview once again. Wanna ask the writer something? Please leave your questions in the comments section. The author will be please to answer your questions.
The story she tells seems a whole world in which every reader can relate and appreciate the beauty of it. Every tad of the short stories she writes is a reflection on the possibility of how life can be beautiful if we all try to make the positive changes she comes up with. The writer eventually posits on eventual positive changes around the prevalent Indian norms of living which if transformed according to the utopia she constructs in her stories can help Indian society towards better living.
Foolchund Saahil
I wish her good luck and much wishes to continue her story-telling blog. We will come back for another episode with another beautiful story of a writer. Continue to follow Young Writers and Poets to meet fantastic writers. Special thanks to Flyhiee who brought us the writer of the day.  Find this interview on his site as well. Interested to take part? Please leave a message on my mail – or – to get a chance to be interviewed.
Till we meet the next writer, wish you all a good day ahead and see you soon for another writer and his/her story.

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