Happiness is a Divine Gift

Welcome back friends for a great post accompanied with another wonderful creation in poetry. So, basically, what happiness evokes to you? Yes, I know, the various pleasures life can offer. We all go through several difficult challenges some becoming tragedies in our lives. Happiness is somewhat elusive, ethereal, not long-lived, because it fades away and it is natural. As life and death, you can consider it a cyclic event of happiness-sadness. Have you never noticed? You may be sad or morose because something is not alright for you but the people around might be smiling and laughing. These two dual emotions co-exist, and they alternate just as winter dies out to make place for summer, sadness is somewhat subdued in the long run to give place to happiness. Thus, Happiness is a precious gift, one given like much more by an altogether cosmic being out there and even if you do not believe in the existence of a supernatural force well beyond our limits of our understanding. Just not bother about that, think it rather like a magical feeling which soothes our pain and give rise to new rays of hope.

In my poem, I rather translate the feelings of a persona who really love (what kind of love depends on your perception) a certain person called Mary who wish her all happiness and not even an ounce of sadness. Already, we can only imagine how much that voice loves the individual referred to as Mary in the poem. It is also a call for hope for a better world, but let’s rather enjoy the poem:


Don’t forget your happiness, Mary!


Mary, Mary at this time,

Merry all along the way

Wish should you never say

‘What’s the date today?’

Enjoy the busy party till nine


Oh! What’s there to worry?

Don’t look away from your friends

Ah! To your duties should you not fend

Groove to this rhythm with no end

In this world for you, there’s no hurry


Mary, Mary at this instance,

Overwrought with this light in your mind

Free yourself; the chains you do not find

Your industrious self to which you bind

My Mary, overlook their importance!


Oh! Don’t you tie you back?

To the endless paths you err for peace

Are living as if on lease

Feel the freshness of the inner trees

In this world for you, can there be no more lack


But we are all destined to the slavery

Fated to this swift universe, my poor Mary!


Post your impression in the comments. Keep following Young Writers and Poets.


5 thoughts on “Happiness is a Divine Gift

  1. There is no light without darkness, no peace without turmoil, no happiness without sadness. Your poem brings a feeling of enchantment and then brings us back to reality with the final two lines. Very stirring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank u very much. I think that when we love sincerely. we wish our loved ones be protected from all evil and sadness but we all have to face it. Thanks for commenting.

      Liked by 2 people

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