Education: An important issue for our Future

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We are maybe thousands, not really; just a sparse hundreds of people around the world to have asked these questions:

  • Is my education system elitist? Does it encourage ‘unhealthy’ competition where winning is everything and learning outcomes are considered marginal?

education 4

If yes, then your education system is ‘dehumanised’. An education system, especially a school environment is what eminent French sociologist Emile Durkheim calls a microcosm of society. The school, temple of knowledge for some and considered by intellectuals a replica in miniature of society. In more simple terms, Emile Durkheim defines a school as a ‘small scale model of society constrained within a defined area.’

Thus, if your education system is elitist, it is reflective of the state of your society. Conflict theories (which I will explain in detail in my upcoming posts in the edition ‘Understanding Individual and Society’, so keep following it on Young Writers and Poets) which I…

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2 thoughts on “Education: An important issue for our Future

  1. I loved reading this post. even though there were some parts of it I didn’t understand. Such as the use of some words in your post. I don’t understand the meaning of those. Confusing. :s

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    1. Please tell me the parts you did not understand and I’ll be happy to explain it so you can understand it.

      Thanks for appreciation,
      Foolchund Saahil.

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