Meet the Writers – Episode Two

Welcome back again after a very long time, dear followers and readers, for another great voice rising from this blogosphere. I am stupefied in the long run how much this virtual world houses such valuable stories; seeming almost like a great virtual library formed by WordPress. This time, I have come across an altogether different writer from what we are used to. With her unique story, incredible strength, resistance and unaltered determination, I now introduce you to:

Valerie Petry

Our writer of the day hails from Houston, Texas, United States and uses her writing to fight her condition and raise awareness among people about diseases and stress on the importance of a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. I now let her express herself:

  • Hello Valerie. I’m much pleased that you could take out some time to answer some of my questions. The first post I stumbled on while visiting your blog was your health state. I was quite surprised because it was not the kind of posts I usually encounter on blogs. So, could you tell us more of yourself as a person and as a writer.What do you intend to achieve with your writing?

I’m a single mom of two boys aged 16 and 13. I’ve been writing gosh, since I could remember! My mom taught me how to write in manuscript and cursive before I even started grade school. I am the eldest of four daughters and also grew up in a single-parent home, so journal writing became my escape. I’ve been writing ever since. I’ve written many pieces, from children’s books to Erotica Romance.  I started blogging about five years ago on another platform as another way to keep me distracted from the recent storms I’ve found myself travelling. Hopefully, someone out there can either learn from my mistakes and experiences, or become inspired to break themselves free of any trials and struggles they may be going through or encountering.

  • In my biology class, I remember (although it is not clear now) having studied about heart conditions like angina, stroke and thrombosis. I never heard before about Congestive Heart Failure. Could you tell us more about this condition? What advice would you give to people who suffer from the same condition? How did you diagnose the condition?

Angina, stroke, thrombosis are all things that can fall under or lead to Congestive Heart Failure. It involves anything that could potentially cause your heart to become damaged and start performing poorly or not at all. My advice to anyone who has it to LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR! If your diet has to change, CHANGE IT! Take your medicines and when they are supposed to be taken. Once your heart is severely damaged it’s very hard to get it back to where it needs to be. My pacemaker will be in my chest for another ten years or until it needs to be changed to another one. When I found out I had Congestive Heart Failure I had a heart attack. What I thought was a real bad cold keeping me from going to sleep and breathing heavily turned out to be an extreme amount of fluid around my heart and damaged heart walls. The other main symptoms were dyspnea, or shortness of breathe, a swollen stomach, and high blood pressure. One thing I learned is to never attempt to self medicate or “self nurse” yourself back to health; seek medical attention!

  • Upon that, you suffer from other health difficulties like Obstructive Sleep Apnea. How do manage with all that? What health objectives have you fixed to cope with these conditions to prevent further health complications? Are you successfully sticking to them?

I have to sleep with a machine called a CPap machine for the Sleep Apnea. Basically, every night I stop breathing over 200 times from my pallet (the little piece of flesh at the back of the throat) which closes off air flow. This sends the heart into tachycardia, and your brain has a hard time receiving oxygen. I have to wear my mask to my machine anytime my body will be resting. My diet totally changed! I have to watch my sodium intake, I can’t drink more than 1.5L of fluid a day, and I have lots of medication to take as well. Being homeless and having no money makes it really difficult to follow through with all of this, but I utilise my resources best I can. I also have a very loving and helpful family and close friends. They have really helped in taking care of me!

  • In all this, tell us whether your writing helps to ease your health problems? I also saw that you clearly stated your aim to be published so I will not ask the question. Actually the question here would be with what motivation do you aim to get published?

Writing is my PASSION! Just the physical act of it is soothing. Like to be honest I would have preferred to write all of this on paper and place it in an envelope and mail! lol It’s therapeutic, it allows me to express myself without becoming flustered and angry, and it relieves a tremendous amount of stress! My motivation is my BOYS! As a parent I have to set the BEST example I can for my children. I want them to see how important it is to NEVER give up on yourself or your dreams! I want them to understand that you can allow your circumstances to break you, or you can use them to build you and help you grow to be a better person. Of course, I’m also aiming to become published because I am disabled. My doctors have established it’s best for me not to work, or my conditions will get worse. I’ve got to get some type of residual in my life if I’m going to survive!

  • I heard one of your YouTube video called the ‘Valerie Ascending A Sneak Peek’. How does your YouTube channel help to deliver your philosophy of life?

I believe my YouTube channels gives my audience a chance to see my authenticity.  It gives them a chance to get a better connection with me and who I am as a person. I’m going through a lifestyle change, and sometimes it’s hard to put those words and expressions on paper! I also think that not everyone wants to read, so again this is another platform I’m using to get my content out there to the world!


Valerie Petry in Meet the Writers

So, this was our writer of the day interview. Actually, I do not know where to start? First of all, I wholeheartedly thanks Valerie for willing to feature in my interview. There’s so much to say about Valerie. She is a true fighter. Personally, the difficulties faced in her life like her much fragile health serves as reminder to tell us to enjoy good health and how much it is important to preserve it. I cannot fathom how much pain and hurdles you encountered along the way but Valerie, from the whole blogosphere including me, I wish you more strength and strong will to keep up the good job and carry on to shed light to our readers out there on how much it is crucial to prioritise our health and life.

Through her words, we really feel that struggle and the unyielding wish to live and leave a potential legacy for the future generation. It is quite unusual that I come across a writer who has suffered so much but yet uses her experiences in her writing.

My advice to Readers: Do not ignore your health. It is essential. Take breaks when needed and continue with your exercises. Good health is a gift of God which we need to treasure as the gem it is.

If you want to support the writer of the day, follow and visit her blog for nice tips to remain healthy and great poems and short stories:

Valerie Ascending

It was a pleasure carrying out this interview and should you have any questions of your own to address to the author, please leave them in the comments section. It will be a pleasure for her to answer your questions.

The story of Valerie can leave no individual indifferent. It gives a new perspective on life; one which you should live to the fullest. Her story is an inspiration for many and should encourage people from similar conditions not to adopt defeatist attitudes towards life but give it one more chance with a new zeal and healthy approach.

Foolchund Saahil

On this note, I wish her a very good continuation on the way she is threading. Please continue to follow Meet the Writers edition on Young Writers and Poets to know more on the writers and their stories on my blog. Special thanks to Flyhiee who brought to us the writer of the day and do find this interview on his site as well. If you are interested in appearing the interview, please send me a mail on or and get your chance to be interviewed.

Till we meet our next splendid talent, I hope to meet you all very soon. I wish you a nice day ahead.


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