“I Will Always Love You” By Varun Ramdeehul

By the moon as I sit 

to see your glory

the white roses I see 

create a new story

Seasons are many 

their reasons are few

what remains is 

that I will always love you

By Varun Ramdeehul

9 thoughts on ““I Will Always Love You” By Varun Ramdeehul

  1. Hello Varun, this is Saahil.
    Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day, I would just say: ‘Unique, Marvellous, Amazing…’ Few words would describe the magnificence of your poem so simple and so sweet. Keep following and posting on our blog. Thank you very much for this extraordinary piece of your exquisite talent.

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    1. I would like to add to Saahil’s comment.
      Varun Ramdeehul has just started studying poetry. He had only one session and he’s a poet already.
      I think he’s found himself a new, previously hidden, unexploited talent. This is very promising.

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      1. Oh really, please encourage him to write. He’s really good. If he continues, I’m sure that this boy is going what a popular saying goes, ‘A star rising among the stars.’ and even better than the stars. There is no age or experience to start writing. It is just in you. You just need to activate it and once it’s done, you create wonders. Go for it, Varun, be above all stars.
        Thanks for sharing with us,

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