“Dear Parents, I’ve Got Things to Tell You” By Liana

Dear parents, I’ve got things to tell you. Age doesn’t define maturity but I ain’t claiming I’m more mature than you. Here are some questions for you: ” How does it feel standing in the crowd clapping for the child?” “How many times you wished your child was in his place?” Every time the latter wants to do something new, you always tell him :” Look my boy, this thing isn’t meant for us, we ain’t like em. It’s all a waste of time, you should concentrate more on your studies.” Dear adults, do you know how much pain their parents took, fighting against the society, being laughed at everytime their child failed, encouraging their child, taking time for him? Don’t forget, your child standing there before you is a part of you. Or I should say he’s the best of you. He was the healthiest sperm, the fastest. If you don’t let your best a chance, you’re being stupid. Nothing is meant for anyone, it’s all about the one who took the courage to achieve it. So if you’ve been through problems and you’re still alive, just think about what your child can do. Let em discover themselves, be there for them and you’ll see wonders. Don’t worry about the society, tomorrow they’ll be there saluting you.


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  1. Liana, just a few words. Your reflections are just wonderful. You are a real genius. Keep writing and you’ll achieve much sooner than you expect. Your posts reflect the maturity the time people need to take to understand their social world but also their place in this world. Overall, hats offs to your guts. Few people would say what you dare to say or if I correct myself write so please continue to enlighten us in your way.
    Thank u very much,

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    1. Thanks for your comment Saahil.
      Liana has a maturity few people of her age have. The message she just shared is a powerful one I personally believe all parents should read.
      I just hope that she will soon have the “guts” as you say to write under her real name. But anyway, we love her. So, keep sharing with us, Liana!

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