My first short story

Hello bloggers,

Today, I unveil before you the first part of my first short story:

The Three Pages of the Life of Harper Swanson

Here’s an exclusive part of it:

The sun is just starting to rise in the small German town of Schwartgen and outside we can distinctly hear the melodious orchestra of morning birds chirping in the rising rays of the sun. Once Mary has shoved the curtains apart, she now lovingly calls the name of her active and lively daughter while she energetically opens the windows of her room as she is accustomed:

‘Harper! My dear! Can you hear me? A bright new day is starting and you are still fast asleep. Harper! Love, wake up!…’

Stammering as her beauty sleep is now broken, she replies:

‘Yeaaah mom! I’m gettttiiiing uuuppp!’

‘You know Harper, you’re gonna run late for work, dear if you do not wake up in five minutes!’

Friends, I am preparing my second part which relates the protagonist’s trip to US, the torment of her personal life and her professional life jeopardized.

Here is a comment I received from a friend who always been by my side and supported me in this literary expedition:

Impatient to know what happens next

Desperately waiting for second part

–  Archana

Continue to follow Young Writers and Poets to know more. I’m eagerly waiting for your comments and reactions as well on this short story.  And also, Lyram Dinsmore is my pen name.

From: Foolchund Saahil


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