The Screams of a Lady’s Heart

Hello bloggers,

As I have previously exposed in my earlier post, An Eternal Symbol of Inspiration and Change, I have again explored the theme of feminity and society but this time in form of a poem. Simone de Beauvoir once philosophically asked, ‘What is a woman?’ – this is an important existential question given the large extent society structured the existence and identity of a woman in comparison to a man. Women are a social group long oppressed, marginalised and even brutalised in many cases. Though men largely dominated the course of history, women also left their significant traces on it. My poem tries to retrace the life of a woman, symbolically encompassing most women. Like major poets who have treated the mediocre and subordinate status and credit given to women, my poem also does so to a certain extent. However, what makes this poem different is my voice to the female persona, one filled with optimism and a sense of revolution, to overtake her cruel destiny and rewrite it. I invite you to look at my poem and to post your comments.

‘Women, don’t give up! Tear down the pages of misery and setup ones filled with happiness. Give birth to new legends, and be the actress of innovation and change. Write a new revolutionary era for womanhood.’

 Foolchund Saahil



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