Welcome to my Blog!


Dear young writers and poets,

Welcome to my blog!

I have created this blog so as to give you the opportunity to express your creativity and artistic talents.

It is meant to be a platform where like-minded persons can share their passion and voice their ideas, thoughts and feelings.

It is a place where they can share their writing- whether it is poetry or prose and comment on each other’s posts so as to hone the writer in them.

Members of this blog have been carefully chosen.

They are those who are both intelligent and creative and who are most of all lovers of literature.


They are those who have a passion and enthusiasm for reading and writing.


They are those who have a great understanding of the world around them and a greater insight into human nature.


These persons are YOU! YOU have the ability of creating a new reality, of leaping into fantasy.

YOU are sensitive beings

quiet but energetic

naive but perceptive

introvert and extrovert

humble and proud

rebellious and conservative

YOU therefore have the capacity of transcending borders.

YOU are privileged to be part of this platform.  

So seize this golden opportunity- à vos plumes and good blogging to you all!


By Rachel Martin


10 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog!

Add yours

  1. Thanks. This platform will help to my dream of writing come true. I’m in course of writing numerous poems and novels. Will definitely share it with you all.

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  2. Rachel, thank you for starting to follow my blog. I hope you don’t mind if I follow your blog because I’m neither young nor a poet. I would still like to be able to write poetry, and I think I can learn from your blog. I’m also interested in creativity.

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    1. Hi. You can follow my blog even if you are not a poet yet. Maybe you can even try to write some lines and I’ll happily share it on my blog so that you can receive some constructive feedback from other readers and poets. That would be a great beginning.


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